Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Letter To My Accountability Partner

Posted by Sharmetra, The Mother and Daughter Relationship Renovator at 9:40 PM 1 comments
Dear Cyber Sister,

Well I have also done a little soul searching. Ok, a lot of soul searching! This is what I came up with:

1. After I completed the 30 day email coaching program with Shayla Smart, I fell back into procrastination mode.
2. I became doubtful of myself and my ability to accomplish my goals.
3. I allowed fear of being unsuccessful to take over my thoughts.

So, now that I know these three things, what have I done to change them??? Well, I connected with Tamyka Washington and signed up for coaching services through Compass which is the company that she is a representative for. There is still a lot of personal development that I need and it's time for me to invest in me (within the budget of course)!!

I am also going to try to dedicate at least 1 hour a day for developing G.O.A.L. Model Enterprises. This is where the jars decision comes into play. I realized that I have been hiding behind my crafts because I am or was afraid to put in the necessary work to get G.O.A.L. Model up and running. I was feeling like if I focused on the crafts, that I would "magically" realize that being a crafter is what God has intended for me to do and the vision of G.O.A.L. Model would vanish. I can't shake G.O.A.L. Model. It's not going anywhere. There is at least one female out there who needs the services that I have to offer as a G.O.A.L. Model and I can not let her down. When I leave my comfy position as a teacher, it is a must that I step into a position that will allow me to serve God and live out his will for me. Crafting is a new found hobby that I just happen to be very good at. Motivating and empowering women is my passion. My success may not come through financial gains but if I can't reach hundreds or thousands of women and help them identify their purpose in life, then I will indeed be rich!...

...This felt liberating! It's always good to look in the mirror and reflect on who you see. My vision just got a little more clearer. God is definitely listening.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I Confess...I Missed Me!

Posted by Sharmetra, The Mother and Daughter Relationship Renovator at 8:00 PM 0 comments
Well if you haven't noticed, I haven't updated my blog since August! I returned to work (I am a full-time teacher) and immediately got thrown into a different world. I had to move to a new school and it was indeed a challenge in the beginning, however, I have conquered bigger challenges before, this one was no different. This was only a minor bridge to cross compared to others. So for the past few weeks, I have been getting myself and my children back into school mode. I am also a part-time graduate student, and I must admit that the classes ain't gettin' no easier! My "Motivation Tank" is half empty and I need me to get myself motivated!!!

Sounds cocky, huh? Not at all!

See, as I share my personal thoughts, dreams, goals, trials, and challenges with you, I also become empowered, inspired, and motivated by my words. In my attempt to help you Get Optimistic About Life (G.O.A.L.), I have to remind myself that I also need to Get Optimistic About Life. I have to read my own posts for encouragement. I have to reflect on my own words and empower myself in order to continue on my journey to empower other women.

So I need Me to stay focused on my vision. I need Me to stay dedicated to this blog. I missed Me! But I'm glad I'm back!

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