Thursday, August 11, 2011


Posted by Sharmetra, The Mother and Daughter Relationship Renovator at 1:49 PM
When I sit back and think of words that describe who I am, I always come up with the same set of words. Motivation. Inspiration. Encourager. My natural talents include motivating, inspiring, encouraging, as well as giving advice and my personal opinion based on my life experiences. More recently, I realized that I needed to add life coaching to my list of natural talents because according to several different definitions of what a life coach is, I definitely fall into that category as well.

Now that I have a basic understanding of who I am and what I love to naturally do, my goal or vision is to create my own lane in this Universe doing exactly what God has given me the talent to do. The next step in this process will be for me to set goals for myself and actually start writing out the details for how my vision will become a reality.

This step is a challenge for me because I have an extremely difficult time focusing on one thing. I start with an idea, I get excited about it, and nothing happens. I get unmotivated. I become uninspired. I lose all self-encouragement. I push the idea to the back of my mind and go back to my comfortable little space of reality. But when I get texts, phone calls, emails from friends and family needing that extra push, I'm there full speed ahead. I do an excellent job at getting people to keep it moving. I just need someone to return the favor every now and then...

So I am seriously looking for an accountability partner. I need someone to motivate me. I need someone to inspire me. I need some one to keep me encouraged. I need those text messages, emails, and occasional phone calls to ask where I am in my journey. I can handle reality. I don't need sugar-coated words of wisdom. I need somebody who will be dedicated to holding me accountable for making my vision a reality.

Is it you???


Cassandra on August 11, 2011 at 2:51 PM said...

You are destined for greatness. Could it be that the reason you lose motivation, is because of some underlying fear? I recognized that this was my challenge and for a while, it kept me stagnant. There was this fear of thinking that no one would really care about what I had to say; fear of not thinking that I was 'qualified'. The fear was my own limiting beliefs.

I had to take a good look at myself from the inside out, and to banish all forms of fear. I wrote this post called "Severishing the Selfish YOU" that speaks about sabotaging yourself.

Having an accountability partner is a great way to keep you on track. I have one and we 'take no prisoners' when it comes to keeping each other focused.

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